The building was originally built in 1912. It was known as "The Argo building”.

Later, it was acquired by Mr. Jack W. Neal and wife Bennie Neal who made modification to the exterior and interior of the building and renamed it as "Jack W. Neal”. On April 20, 1932 the property of the building was transmitted to their son Mr. Jack C. Neal. During this time the building served as the head quarters of the "Atlas Plumbing Supply Company”. During the Neal's ownership, the building suffered several modifications to its original exterior and interior architecture, including among other the cover of the window openings with stucco, the built of a metal shed in the back parking lot, etc.

On March 1, 1978, Mrs. Ann Neal, the widow of Mr. Jack C. Neal, sold the building to Mr. Isaac Ledor and his wife Mrs. Rivka Ledor. From 1978 to 2003, the building was leased by Aegis Enterprises Inc. owned by Mr. Marvin Baranblatt and his son Mr. Bratt Baranblatt. The building served as the headquarters of OFNAH CRYSTAL COMPANY, a wholesale distribution company of imported crystal from eastern Europe.

On April 5, 2001, the building was transmitted by Mrs. Rivka Ledor, as a trustee of the exempt marital trust of the will of Mr. Isaac Ledor to Ledor Properties Ltd, a Texas corporation, owned by her son, Mr. Kobi Ledor. On October 15, 2003, the building was acquired by Milmo Investments, LLC, a Texas company owned by the Milmo Family. At that time, the building was submitted to a major redevelopment into a mix use development consisting of lofts, commercial and office space.